Our Mascot


Revised HOPE of 2022.

Who is HOPE?

Initially created in August 2020, Hope was born to play the role of a teacher that informs our clients about immigration. She enjoys sharing knowledge and communicating with our audience about upcoming events and services at HACES.

How would Hope describe herself?

Hope identifies herself to be a strong-willed and determined character. She is a caring mother who would do anything for her chicks. Hope values family, community, ethics, and hard work. She relates to the immigrant as she too has a  story of struggle and aspiration. Scroll down to read more.

What type of bird is HOPE?

Hope is a barn swallow. Swallows are well-recognized birds across the world known for their lengthy migration and adaptability. They are associated with new beginnings, resiliency, and prosperity making it a perfect fit for Hope.

Hope understands our clients at HACES. She has traveled a similar journey and is in a constant state of learning, adapting, and growing. Hope has two versions of herself, the 2020 Original Hope and the Revised 2022 Hope.  

Hope communicates the three types of services offered at HACES: Education, Health, and Legal services.
Original Hope of 2020

The Hope Story

Hope’s job was to provide for her family. She spared herself from being crushed by the perils of her land. Her nest was constantly destroyed. Fearful yet hopeful, she thought of her family and their well-being. If she stayed, her chicks would not survive. If she left, she would encounter drastic winters. Without a second thought, Hope flew north in search of a better home. Leaving her chicks would be painful, but Hope knew she had to trust her motherly instinct.

The journey north was tough and it required adaptability. Hope faced turbulent winds, cold, rain, and unlivable conditions. Hunger and fatigue accompanied her. Through it all, Hope remained strong and resilient until at last, she reached her destination. Food, water, shelter were visible and abundant; Hope knew her work was not done yet. She was determined to build a sturdy nest for her chicks. Even though she missed them, in her mind there was always the day they would be reunited as a family and together become part of the new land that they would call home.


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